Adata XPG Infarex K10 Mem-Chanical Switches


Adata XPG Infarex K10 Mem-Chanical Switches


Categories: Keyboard, Peripherals

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Game on with Nine Lighting Effects

Enhance gameplay and immersion with an RGB lighting effect that matches the game you’re playing or your present situation on the battlefield.

Anti-Ghosting Keys

In the heat of the moment, a missed keypress could spell defeat. With 26 keys anti-ghosting, fight on without fear of missing or unexpected key presses.

No More Windows Key Mishaps

There’s nothing worse than being immersed in your game only to have a wrong key press take you out. The K10 features a Windows key lock shortcut that makes sure a minor mishap won’t cost you the fight.

Quick Adjustments with Media Keys

Make quick adjustments to music, sound, or other effects in the middle of a battle without having to open other programs or apps.


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