Gigabyte 1 TB GEN4

Gigabyte 1 TB GEN4


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PCIe Gen4 Interface: Offers blazing-fast data transfer speeds and performance for next-gen computing.
M.2 Form Factor: Compact design for easy installation in various devices.
NAND Flash Memory Technology: Enables fast data access and efficient data management.
Advanced Error Correction: Includes LDPC coding for data integrity and reliability.
TRIM Support: Helps maintain SSD performance and lifespan by erasing unused data blocks.
S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring: Allows for monitoring and analysis of drive health and performance.
1 TB Storage Capacity: Provides ample space for storing large amounts of files, documents, multimedia, and more.
Reliable and Durable: Designed for high-stress computing environments and extended lifespan.
Suitable for Gaming, Multimedia, and Productivity: Ideal for upgrading storage in gaming PCs, multimedia workstations, and productivity-focused systems.
PCIe 4.0 Technology: Takes advantage of the latest PCIe Gen4 technology for maximum performance and compatibility with modern systems.


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