Inno3d GTX 1630 Twin X2 OC 4GB


Inno3d GTX 1630 Twin X2 OC 4GB


SKU: N16302-04D6X-1177VA25
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Inno3d GeForce GTX 1630 Twin X2 OC 4Gb Gddr6 64-Bit Gaming Graphics Card (N16302-04D6X-1177VA25)

Inno3D introduced its new GeForce GTX 1630 GDDR6 TWIN X2 OC and COMPACT.INNO3D had realised different version of the GTX 16 Series such as GeForece GTX 1660 Ti, 1660 and GTX 1650 – GTX 1630 GDDR6 TWIN X2 OC and Compact adopts the same award-winning ‘Best-in-Class’ NVIDIA’s Turing architecture.

The INNO3D GeForce GTX 1630 TWIN X2 OC is factory Overclocked out of the box while the COMPACT measures just 6.29 Inch/ 160mm and is ready to fit most system out there. The Twin X2 OC is equipped with Dual 8cm Fans while the COMPACT comes with the single 10cm Fan, Pushing the Boundaries of what our engineers could fit it while still confined to the standard card height.

The INNO3D GeForce GTX 1630 TWIN X2 OC and Compact Memory Configuration Boast 4GB of the Memory, GDDR6 with 64-bit running at 12Gbps. It is the Best-in-class performance with the advanced graphics capabilities of the award-winning NVDIA Turing architecture. It is the Major Upgrade of the Core Streaming Multiprocessor to more effeciently handle the complex graphics of the modern games.

INNO3D Graphics Engine to read the GPU clock, temperature, fan, speed, memory profile, drivers and BIOS version. You can change GPU and Memory Clock, fan speed, target power and temperature. In addition, it also features real time monitoring.


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